Saves The Day premieres new video

With a little over a week remaining until the release of "9" - their highly-anticipated first new full-length in five years - Saves The Day have premiered a new single entitled “Side By Side” along with an official video. “Side By Side” is a nostalgia-drenched alt-rock anthem that reflects on the very beginnings of Saves The Day and Chris Conley’s musical journey. Sonically, the track sports a massive hook that is propelled forward through a wall of screaming guitars and cannon-esque percussion. The perfectly-placed guitar leads throughout help to add another level of octane to a track already fueled by the spirit and energy of a group of teenagers with big dreams starting a rock band in their garage. The video, which was directed by Robyn August, captures that process as friends become bandmates and have the time of their lives building towards their first gig. As anyone who has played in a band will tell you, the first few stages of doing so are some of the best times you’ll ever have, and this video captures that wild hopefulness perfectly. 

“Side By Side is about starting a band with your best friends and leaning into the dream called Life!" - Chris Conley (Vocals)

"When Chris brought us the riff for "Side By Side" I thought it sounded like how the Beastie Boys' "Fight For Your Right" video looked. We approached the song imagining a party that got crashed by Van Halen and Sick Of It All. It's about the first moment, the primitive spark of a riff that brings everyone together. Director Robyn August and I riffed together on these themes, and this video is the new riff that is born from that." - Rodrigo Palma (Bass)
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