Live Coverage || The Maine "Lovely Little Lonely" farewell show @ The Fillmore Silver Spring, 13/10/2018

This past weekend, I drove miles away to a concert of The Maine and with support from Grayscale. The Maine, an alternative rock band from Tempe, Arizona hosted a funeral for their 2017 album "Lovely Little Lonely". The band laid the album to rest and as fans got lost in the nostalgia. The Maine went all out with the farewell of "Lovely Little Lonely" including a coffin and roses laid across the stage. 

As I walked along the busy streets towards the venue; there laid an open coffin full of roses. Fans placed the flowers in the casket and said their goodbyes as they entered the show. The Maine also encouraged fans to dress up in all red for service.

Grayscale started the show to pay their tribute to "Lovely Little Lonely". Vocalist Colin Walsh said a few words just before the band played "Funeral". Colin stated, “This is a funeral but we don’t mourn at funerals; we celebrate the life". And that’s exactly what we did that night. 

Just moments before The Maine played, roses were laid across the stage. The misery began to settle in as these would be the final moments of "Lovely Little Lonely". The Maine opened the service up with "Lonely", "Don’t Come Down", and "Do You Remember?". In addition, the setlist included songs that are rarely played including "Forever Halloween", "Like We Did", "Misery" and "Bliss". Although this is the end of "Lovely Little Lonely", the band announced a new album is in the works. How do you feel about that?! I’m happy to see the next chapter of The Maine. 

All pictures courtesy of Ashley Kalinoski photography.

Lovely Little Lonely
By a band called The Maine

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