Live Coverage || Lucifer, Half Gramme Of Soma @ Gagarin 205, 14/10/2018

Swedish rockers Lucifer rolled through Athens this past weekend, while on their European tour to promote their latest album, "Lucifer II".

Local stoners Half Gramme Of Soma opened the show. I got to the venue just when they went on. I haven't seen these guys in a minute but I enjoyed their very good and atmospheric stage presence. The band seemed very relaxed,a s if they played a small intimate show. Halfway through the set, the crowd had warmed up efficiently and got more responsive. A good start, for sure. (8)

Lucifer stormed on stage with a zero-fucks-given attitude and got their fans singing along from the first song. Their sound was pretty good -the lights not so much- with lead singer Johanna Sadonis singing her lungs out literally while doing luscious hairflips. Although I really enjoyed the bands antics and energy on stage, I believe they were affected by what I call "the Whitechapel effect"; they were very professional, very dynamic, but they seemed to lack the passion that characterizes a performance, as if they were almost detached. Maybe it was just fatigue building up and the band was going through the motions. Regardless of that, they are good entertainers and attendants had a very pleasant Sunday evening. (8)

All pictures by Dearohwell photogrpahy.

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