Review || Terror - "Total Retaliation"

Terror is dropping a new album September 28th 2018 via Nuclear Blast Records (EU) / Pure Noise Records (ROW) and I vividly recall the hype and anticipation over the announcement in the summer. The band's seventh studio album, "Total Retaliation", comes a little over a year after the "The Walls Will Fall" EP and its title couldn't be more fitting.

If there's one thing I have always appreciated about Terror, is how they sonically grow up but don't grow old. Let me elaborate. The album contains 13 tracks which, for the most part, follow the traditional recipe; thrash-influenced riffs, crushing breakdowns, numerous pit hits, uncontested passion and sharp lyrics. "Total Retaliation" may not be their most pissed off material but it's for sure some of the most intense. Terror is a band that always has a certain captivating energy in their songwriting. Although they choose not to experiment nor stray from the metallic hardcore norm in which they reign supreme, not once do they sound boring, repetitive or uninspired, which is a pretty remarkable thing given the simplicity of their compositions. We're not talking about a revamped take on their older material (though, to be honest, "The Spirit Of Sacrifice" really reminds me of "I'm Only Stronger"). There is always an element of progress, thinking outside of the box and taking pride in the diversity of their influences -OK, maybe they went a bit overboard with Biohazard on this one. Almost every song demonstrates a different character, a sign of unadulterated artistry, if you may; from the back-to-basics approach on "This World Never Wanted Me", to the stomping "Get Off My Back", to the Suicidal Tendencies-like kick on the title track, to the completely unexpected trap 8th track, "Post Armageddon Interlude". 
This is the point where we should also acknowledge the outside contributions. For this album, Terror worked for the first time with producer Will Putney, who is known to have the midas touch on every album he produces. Based on the solid outcome, I can only assume teaming up with Will was both a challenge and a rewarding experience. Finally, the album also features guest vocal appearances by Ben Cook of No Warning, Denis Halilovic of Freedom, Stephen Bessac of Kickback and former bassist and Down To Nothing frontman David Wood which only adds extra points of awesomeness. 

Overall, "Total Retaliation" sounds modern yet classic. It is a pure Terror album at its core and nothing less than what I expected from this band. 
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