Review || Counterparts - "Private Room" EP

Following the release of their critically acclaimed fifth studio album, "You're Not You Anymore", Hamilton, Ontario's Counterparts will be releasing an EP featuring b-sides from the two latest records which, according to vocalist Brendan Murphy, "deserved to see the light of day". And he couldn't be more right. "Private Room" is released via Pure Noise records on September 7th.

The EP contains three songs, two of which dropped as singles prior to the release (and I wouldn't be surprised if the third one was also released on street date). Now, I have already detailed why YNYAM was the catalyst that helped the band grow on me when the only previous work that somewhat resonated with me was "Tragedy Will Find Us" so we won't get into that. I think it's fairly easy to figure out which songs come from which era and, as much as I would like to think of them as "runner-ups" for each record, I wouldn't do justice to the songs that made the final cut. Following the usual Counterparts recipe, the listener is met with Murphy's hopeless lyrics and moving interpretation, the Misery Signals-influenced guitars, the heavy af basslines and, of course, the charged drumwork. If I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be "We Forgive", the third (currently unreleased) track, with the more upbeat tempo and punkier vibe.

All in all, I wouldn't mind a couple more songs in there although I do understand the purpose of the short span; it's the perfect fix to leave us craving until a new studio album comes our way.

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