Review || Jesus Piece - "Only Self"

Once a year, an album will come out and have your heart melt from the first riff. Jesus Piece's debut album is exactly that. It's been a while since I started a review with a "holy shit" or anything of this sort, so pardon me as I'm picking what's left of my jaw from the floor. "Only Self" was released on August 24th on Southern Lord records.

Brutal, raw and unapologetic, it will evoke many dark feelings to the listener. Although still a young band, the Philadelphia outfit has accomplished something many of their well-established peers may not have yet achieved; they have set a clear goal on how they want to sound and the transition from the 2016 promo to "Only Self" is no doubt a testament to that. Usually perceived plainly as a "metallic hardcore" band, such broad term would do them no justice. Jesus Piece incorporates sludge themes in a way that doesn't feel foreign, as well as ambient elements which serve as "the epilogue". If I could only use one word to describe this album, it would probably be "pissed off". Unbridled spite unravels from the first notes of "Lucid", with the band creating an imaginary race with themselves to produce even more ferocious anthems as the album spins. Their raw energy translates into high quality craftmanship. I mean, who can get past the vicious single "Curse Of The Serpent", the rambunctious "Neuroprison", or the excellent pit hit that "Dog No Longer" is?

Soaring riffage, pummeling breakdowns and sharp, bold vocals paint the canvas of a sonic masterpiece. The straightforward approach works in the band's favor, as they waste no minute with cute introductions but choose to cut to the chase instead. It is an exceptional debut, meticulous and fully calculated. The future is bright for Jesus Piece and, if this is what their first integral effort sounds like, I'm already impatiently waiting for the next.
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