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Final installment for the absolute must-see bands of the festival season and the curtain falls with Summer Breeze Open Air. In case you have missed the previous blog posts, this series is a guide designed to help you set priorities while fiddling with the often chaotic running orders of bigger festivals, so we suggest 10 bands per event that we deem no festival goer should miss.

Photo by Ashley Kalinoski 

Unfortunately we won't be able to visit Summer Breeze Open Air this year BUT we will be there in spirit. Worry not though, we will shed some light here as well.

01. Behemoth
The band will be dropping a bombastic, from the looks of it, album in the Fall and their live appearences never disappoint. Controversial and heavy af, they are the absolute extreme metal band.
When: Thursday, 20:10-21:40
Where: Main stage

02. Trivium
Another band that emerged from a generic metalcore wave of the early 00's, Trivium has paved a brilliant path of their own so far. Once considered as the new Metallica, the band has proven they are a solid entity of their own.
When: Friday, 20:10-21:40
Where: Main stage

03. Suicidal Tendencies
The reason thrashers listen to hardcore and skate punks embrace thrash metal. The iconic powerhouse will be releasing "STill Cyco Punk After All These Years" on September 7th and Summer Breeze's main stage will be a big party to celebrate.
When: Thursday, 23:45-00:45
Where: Main stage

04. Celeste
Celeste is probably one of the most underrated bands in their genre. Maybe it's the ambiance, maybe it's the experimenting, but one thing's for sure; these Frenchies possess solid musicianship and their live shows are a spine-chilling experience.
When: Thursday, 22:10-23:00
When: Camel stage

05. Turisas
While we are on the edge of our seats waiting for Warlord Nygard and co. to release their new album, the viking crew is playing incendiary shows all over Europe. Make sure not to miss them, as their heroic tunes will make you want to raid in the East -plus, drunk-singing and dancing to "Rasputin" is a pretty cool experience.
When: Friday, 01:00-02:00
Where: Main stage

06. Comeback Kid
Our favorite Canadians have just returned to Europe, promoting their latest album, "Outsider". The last couple of years found the band playing more and more bigger stages in Euro fests, getting more people to vibe along.
When: Thursday, 19:30-20:30
Where: T-Stage

07. At The Gates
Think of any melodic death metal band emerged from the late 90's. Okay? They wouldn't exist without the seminal influence of At The Gates.
When: Friday, 19:30-20:30
Where: T-Stage

08. Municipal Waste
If you enjoy people who don't take anything seriously, except for the art of partying, have an in-your-face street attitude and do so without being a joke but by influencing an entire generation, Municipal Waste is your band. Whether on a big stage or in a small club, their shows never, ever, fail to keep kids on their feet.
When: Thursday, 17:00-17:45
Where: T-Stage

09. Rolo Tomassi
We only have good words to say for the UK outfit. They outgrew the post-hardcore frenzy of the mid-late 00's and have proven that they are more than just Eva Spence's cute face. They also released an exquisite album earlier this year, so make sure to check that out too.
When: Saturday, 19-19:30
Where: Camel stage

Honorable mentions
Warbringer: The thrash metal outfit has made a name for themselves with their neck-breaking shows and raw feeling of their sound.
Broken Teeth: Yet another British band who is slowly but very steadily breaking through in the hardcore world. 
Betraying The Martyrs: If blackened metalcore was an actual genre, Betraying The Martyrs would be its undisputed leaders. With many tours under their belts, this year saw them on the main stage of Download festival in Paris. It's safe to say that the future is bright for these kids.

10. WASP
No WASP show is uneventful. If you're lucky and Blackie Lawless is irritated, along with a trip down to memory lane, you will also have a good story to tell your kids.
When: Saturday, 22:00-23:30
Where: Main stage

Summer Breeze Open Air takes place on August 15-18 in Dinkelsbuhl, Germany.
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