Live Coverage || Thy Art Is Murder @ AN Club, 11/7/2018

It took two years for Thy Art Is Murder to make a triumphant return to Athens while on their Death Dealers Euro tour. After a rather questionable appearance at last year's Impericon festival in Leipzig, we were admittedly very curious as to what a full year of touring would have done to the newfound dynamic of the band. The venue was packed, the Australian powerhouse attracting even more people than the last time, and everyone looked ready to party. 

The previous bands had already warmed up the crowd efficiently so it came as no surprise that the anticipation, as expressed through the usual chant "the Australian is crazy", erupted into friendly violent fun. Although quite tired, the band was in a really good mood, their sound crystal clear the lights not so much, cracking jokes and playing all the fan favorites ("Holy War", "Dead Sun", "The Purest Strain Of Hate" dedicated to the ladies in the house, "The Son Of Misery", "Reign Of Darkness"...) even taking in it a step further by covering Rammstein's "Du Hast". During a breather, a fan gave CJ McMahon a unicorn hat, which he reluctantly put on, but the moment was captured.
The photos below can deffinitely prove that, if they are at the top of their game after 7 long weeks of tour, then on a normal show they must be immaculate. (9)

 All pictures courtesy of Dearohwell photography & Jason Chatzopoulos photography

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