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As we are slowly but very eagerly preparing for Vainstream for the second year in a row, it would only be fitting to compile the fourth installment of the ten bands we are vibing on and that we are definitely going to be checking out on Saturday.

01. Boysetsfire
We never denied that we have a very soft spot for Boysetsfire. Nathan Gray and co. have rose to legendary status in Europe quite rightly if you ask us and have an incredible and very youthful energy on stage.
When: 18:15-19:00
Where: EMP stage

02. Iron Reagan
The American powerhouse is ideally allocated in the "after-party" section of the festival, in the small clubstage. As if the venue isn't hot enough already, we are fully prepared for a scorching hot and groovy show.
When: 22:40-23:25
Where: Green Hell clubstage

03. Terror
Another big favorite in the house. It's been three long years since our last encounter with Terror, and with a new album in the works, we can only hope for some new songs in an otherwise heavy and very pissed off show.
When: 13:15-14:30
Where: Lonsdale stage

04. Modern Life Is War
Because. Modern Life Is War.
When: 12:45-13:15
Where: Throwdown stage

05. Bullet For My Valentine
Having somewhat renounced their generic metalcore past that propelled their career, BFMV transitioned into one of the biggest players in the contemporary metal scene over the past decade. The quartet will be releasing their new album, "Gravity", just in time for the festival so keep that in mind too.
When: 20:30-21:15
Where: EMP stage

06. Touche Amore
The band recently teased new music by releasing a single but until we have an official announcement, we can spin "Stage Four" and "Parting The Sea..." a few times.
When: 17:00-17:30
Where: Throwdown stage

07. Culture Abuse
Bands like Culture Abuse give us hope for the future of music. Epitaph's latest sensation recently released another brilliant album, "Bay Dream", which gave a new twist to their sound so make sure to check it out.
When: 16:10-16:50
Where: Green Hell clubstage

08. Stick To Your Guns
Casually striking 4/4 times with STYG in these lists, but the proven track record of the OC outfit leaves no room for misinterpretation. 
When: 15:40-16:20
Where: Lonsdale stage

09. Cro-Mags
The legendary band has been kicking ass all over Europe over the past couple of weeks and will be headlining the "after-party" at the clubstage. You don't want to miss that.
When: 23:55-00:45
Where: Green Hell clubstage

10. Lionheart
For your morning cardio, trust Rob Watson to keep your heart rate up. Lionheart made their official comeback to the big stages at Impericon festivals this last April and have been receiving praising reviews.
When: 11:10-11:40
Where: EMP stage

You may find the running order below (download in high resolution here)

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