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Episode 2 into our ongoing series about essential bands in summer festivals. Today, we are talking about Jera On Air. Taking place at the end of June, it has grown into one of the most popular European summer festivals. Every year, the linups include some of the best up-and-coming bands of a wide spectrum of extreme music. 

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Last year's billing was exceptional and we didn't really think they would be able to top it but joke's on us. In the list below, we will suggest, in no particular order, 10 bands that no festival goer should miss.

01. Underoath
The band made a remarkable return, with their latest album, "Erase Me", receiving raving reviews worldwide. Renowned for their live shows, they will be a pure delight to watch.
When: Saturday, 20:00-21:15
Where: Eagle stage

02. Bury Tomorrow
These boys are veterans in bigger festival stages. Returning triumphant after a string of shows in April (we all remember the constant crowdsurfing they initiated at Impericon fest Oberhausen in order to "keep the security busy"), and with two brand new songs from their upcoming album in their arsenal, they are guaranteed to bring the house down.
When: Friday, 18:15-18:55
Where: Vulture stage

03. Satanic Surfers
Our favorite Swedes. Having released a gamechanger of an album, the first in 13 years, we know from experience that the forefathers of European skatepunk can -and they will- deliver a charged and very sweaty show. 
When: Saturday, 21:20-22:05
Where: Vulture stage

04. Jesus Piece
One of the fastest up and coming bands in the contemporary hardcore scene. Last summer, the PA outfit signed a deal with Southern Lord, with the band recently releasing new music from their forthcoming debut LP.
When: Saturday, 15:00-15:30
Where: Buzzard stage

05. Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

The ex-Gallows frontman bears a burly reputation of turning his every performance, even in open air festivals, into a big party. When he's not singing his heart out on stage, he can be found walking on people's heads and casually moshing with his mic.
When: Friday, 14:40-15:10
΅Where: Eagle stage

06. NOFX

Let's be honest, the current punk rock scene would've been drastically different if NOFX didn't exist. Fat Mike is known to be brutally (and very cynically) honest and have no filter, even if that gets him in trouble all the time. 
When: Saturday, 00:00-01:15
Where: Eagle stage

07. Modern Life Is War
The Iowa powerhouse is responsible for an entire generation of melodic hardocre punk bands. Their lively shows usually leave people in blood, sweat and tears, while vocalist Jeffrey Eaton is a master in turning sane fans into emotional wrecks. #truestory
When: Friday, 21:20-22:05
Where: Vulture stage

08. Slander
Hailing from Venice, Italy, the hardcore punk quintet is the epitome of pent up aggression. Most people judge a book by its cover but trust us, their shows are high intensity and really worth your time.
When: Saturday, 12:00-12:30
Where: Vulture stage

09. Enter Shikari
Whether or not you actually like their music, you have to admit that they put on a hell of a show. Having survived the 2008-2010 electrocore scene, they released their critically acclaimed recent album, "The Spark", almost a year ago and have been setting stages on fire since.
When: Saturday, 22:10-23:00
Where: Eagle stage

Honorable mentions:
No Fun At All: Sweden has a tradition of producing incredible skate punk bands so it is wonderful that two of them will be causing mayhem on the same day. Fun fact: did you know that No Fun At All bassist, Stefan Bratt, and Satanic Surfers singer, Rodrigo Alfaro, used to be in a band called Atlas Losing Grip and played Jera in 2011 and 2013? 
Higher Power: The Leeds hardcore outfit is steadily becoming a household name. Having played The Life and Death tour in the US with Backtrack and supported Comeback Kid in their European run last winter, they are getting more and more mileage. Do yourselves a favor and check them out.
Touché Amoré: Depression, pain and anger all in one place. Fantastic band, insane performers, honest music.

10. Stick To Your Guns
The Californian noisemakers will always be in our to-see lists because they are simply awesome. You may not agree with Jesse Barnett's preaching but there's no denying that they are one of the few bands who have the potential and dynamic to write such relatable and anthemic songs by the bunch.
When: Saturday, 23:05-23:55
Where: Vulture stage

Jera On Air takes place on June 28-30 at Ysselsteyn, The Netherlands.
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