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Kicking off tomorrow, Graspop Metal Meeting is the undisputed MVP of the festival season. This year, not only did it expand to 4 days, end thus inaugurating it first ever XL version, but the band announcements were made to fit all music tastes. I mean, who else could have put Vixen and Modern Life Is War IN the same line IN the same announcement? No one, I'm telling ya.

In this third installment of our ongoing series of band suggestions, we present you (in no particular order) 10 staple bands no festival goes should miss at Graspop.

01. Cancer Bats
The Canadians recently dropped their latest gem, "The Spark That Moves", and have been playing incendiary shows, mainly in the UK but we still love them. If you know what a CB show is about, and aren't afraid of moshpits, go check them out.
When: Thursday, 15:40-16:20
Where: Jupiter stage

02. Arkona
The Russian superpower. Maybe their sound is not the most original in a pool of folk metal bands, but you gotta appreciate that Masha Scream is a versatile vocalist and looks like she can take on an army on her own.
When: Friday, 14:45-15:35
Where: Marquee stage

03. Parkway Drive
After kicking off the season at Rock Am Ring with a bigger and bolder stage production, Parkway Drive is taking summer festivals by storm. Strapping a drummer on a flaming cage while it's turning? Check. Setting fire on stepping panels like a country video? Check. Ignoring every safety regulation in the book? CHECK! Right, they have a new album out too, go check that out.
When: Friday, 23:15-00:45
When: Main stage 2

04. Marilyn Manson
Maybe not as dramatic as Parkway but equally theatrical, Marilyn Manson will be headlining Main stage 2. Although his recent festival appearances were pretty much flawless, the crowd didn't seem very responsive. We are pretty certain, this won't be the case for GMM.
When: Saturday, 00:15-01:30
Where: Main stage 2

05. Stick To Your Guns
If STYG is on the billing, we will always urge you to go see them, and thankfully, they have a good slot on most major festivals this season. Nevermind Jesse Barnett's preaching, the OC outfit is one of the best live acts of our time, with powerful singalongs and poignant lyrics.
When: Friday, 13:30-14:10
Where: Main stage 2

06. Rise Against
Whether or not you agree with vocalist Tim McIllrath's views in life, you can't deny the power of his voice and music.
When: Saturday, 20:00-21:15
Where: Main stage 1

07. Corrosion Of Conformity
One of the most badass bands in the history of heavy metal. COC is at the top of their game, especially after the reunion with Pepper Keenan, and delivers a truly captivating performance.
When: Sunday, 20:10-21:00
Where: Marquee stage

08. Ayreon Universe
After a mesmerizing show in The Netherlands last year, it was only natural that Arjen Lucassen's Ayreon Universe would be invited (along with all the two million members) for yet another remarkable demostration of his creative ingenuity.
When: Friday, 23:05-00:20
Where: Marquee stage

09. In This Moment
The band rose to a significant fame a decade ago because "that cute vocalist" fit the generic metalcore box. Oh, and she could also scream. In This Moment remained around when a lot of their peers disappeared into oblivion and successfully transitioned into a respected and equal actor in the contemporary metal scene, with Maria Brink proving over and over that she rightfully is the Queen in the game -plus their stage presence is insane.
When: Friday, 15:45-16:30
Where: Metal Dome stage

Honorable mentions
Vixen: The all-female glam metal band who was the best and could have been the biggest too, until grunge pulled the rug under their feet. 
Wolves In The Throne Room: Renowned for their tight and incisive live shows, they are a force to be reckoned with.
Boston Manor: Blackpool's own Boston Manor are on a linear trajectory this year. After an upbeat appearance at Impericon fest Leipzig, they will be an alternative breath of fresh air in an otherwise heavy af fest. 

10. Guns N Roses
OK, you saw that coming. The trademark band of our teenage years finally reunited with the (second) original lineup and, after performing a highly successful arena tour, they will be gracing the stage of GMM for a whole 3 and a half hours. Feeling pumped?
When: Friday, 22:00-01:30
Where: Main stage 1

Graspop is taking place in Dessel, Belgium on June 21-24.
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