Review || Press To MECO - "Here's To The Fatigue"

Press To MECO is an alt-rock band hailing from the UK. The band released their sophomore full-length album, "Here's To The Fatigue", a few months ago on Marshall Records.

Let me start with the inspired arrangement of the tracks. The very promising intro will spark the listener's curiosity for what is to follow, which personally quite reminded me of older All Time Low with a raw and more garage-y filter. The songs range from hard rock to pop punkier tunes, and from upbeat vocals (which at times do sound like Ronnie Radke; there, I said it) to harmonies on top of harmonies that create the illusion of chanting. Although I understand the dynamic of the harmonies, and how nimbly they serve the purpose of catchiness, there is one thing that doesn't fully sit well with me. I don't know if the harmonies are provided by the same person in different tonalities or by two different members of the band but it really baffles me that they don't mix well. Don't get me wrong, each tone is brilliant on its own, but when combined, I feel that one sounds out of tune causing a little dissonance. That aside, I find that the clever changes in the songs are the key to the creative output. For instance, "Familiar Ground" sets the overall mood of the album, but "A Place In It All" brings an unexpected calm; then, "Howl" manifests in a more anthemic pattern while "Skip the Crawl" and "Quick Fix" are pure hard rock bangers. Finally, the clean production is a very important asset of the album, as it allows all the little details of the compositions to be in the spotlight.

Overall, "Here's To The Fatigue" was a very pleasant surprise and I can easily see some of its tracks gracing our Unraveled playlists.

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