Live Coverage || Emmure, Counterparts, King 810, Varials @ Baltimore Soundstage, 18/5/2018

The Natural Born Killers tour made an appearance at The Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore MD on May 18th, 2018. Support for the tour included Varials, King 810 and Counterparts with Emmure as the headliner, to promote their latest record Look at Yourself. 

Varials was a great kickstart to the killer lineup. The band may be an upcoming but they are extremely talented individuals. The band opened the pit up with "New Damnation" and "Anything To Numb", and closed out with "E.D.A" and "Empire of Dirt".

King 810 has become quite the talk in the metal music scene. The band is notorious for their violent hardcore shows and I was not disappointed during their performance. The King 810 fans lost their minds from the moment that the band hit the stage with "Heavy Lies The Crown".  The excitement continued as they played a crowd favorite, "Alpha and Omega", and "Murder Murder Murder". 

There's no doubt Counterparts has become a breakthrough band over that past few years. They are certainly a band to watch out for and part of that is due to the fantastic show they put on. The band chose to kick off their set with "Stranger", "No Servant of Mine", "A Memory Misread" and "Only Anchors". As the night continued, the pit became larger and the energy consumed the fans. The performance ended with "Rope" and "The Disconnect". 

Emmure has received backlash over the past few years but don’t let that fool you. The band puts on an impressive light show using strobe lighting that resonates with the pounding music creating a sense of unity. The band played material from their latest album, "Look at Yourself", as well as some old hits from their previous albums, "Eternal Enemies", "Speaker Of The Dead", "Felony" and "Goodbye To The Gallows". As the night went on, there was a sense of freedom displayed by crowd surfers, bouncers, moshers all the while fans screamed back heartfelt lyrics. 
The band closed out with "Flag of The Beast", "Solar Flare Homicide", and "When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong".  After the show, vocalist, Frankie Palmeri took photos with every fan and signed merchandise. 

As fans left the venue it began raining but even the weather couldn’t stop their grins and laughter. The Natural Born Killers Tour was one for the books and I had a fantastic time. Be sure to check out the remaining dates on the tour for a show near you. 

All pictures courtesy of Ashley Kalinoski photography
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