Dance Gavin Dance premiere new video

Rise Records and American rock quintet Dance Gavin Dance are excited to present the delicate-yet-chaotic “Care”, along with its accompanying Max Moore-directed music video, from its highly anticipated, forthcoming studio album titled 'Artificial Selection' (pre-order here). Showcasing the unique juxtaposition of the R&B-infused highs of vocalist Tilian Pearson with the unhinged guttural growls and chaotic screams of cofounder Jon Mess, “Care” tells the story of an old connection and the struggle with the long-lasting and unwanted scars its left behind.

Out on Friday, June 8th and produced by the band, Kris Crummett, Erik Ron and Dryw Owens, "Artificial Selection" is the strongest and most wondrously diverse showcase yet for the lauded post-hardcore experimentalists, equal parts intense, melodic, and unbound. Dance Gavin Dance fully indulges in the extremes of creativity, mining the outer reaches of the rock music landscape with thrilling abandon. It’s all anchored in an ambitious blend of heady progressive rock and post-hardcore uniquely their own. 

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