The Ghost Inside shares update on the band's situation

During Sunday's (16/4) live streaming, The Ghost Inside got together for the first time after their accident of November 2015, to do a Q&A for their fans. After two hours of reminiscing their path so far, from the release of "The Fury And The Fallen" ten years ago to touring the world to the accident, they announced that this coming Tuesday, they will have their very first practice in two and a half years. Although they still don't know how it's gonna work out, they will do their best to "share their music one more time", as bassist Jim Riley commented. A live show might not be a scenario as we speak, especially not one like we were used to, but the band being at a point in their recovery where they can be creative again is truly remarkable. 
We should also point out that during the band's retrospect, the fans' comments on the feed were nothing but supportive and emotional.
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