Live Coverage || Don Broco @ Tivoli Theatre, 23/04/2018

Don Broco kicked off their new headlining tour on April 23rd at the Tivoli Theatre in Dublin, promoting their latest album, "Technology", which was released a few months ago on SharpTone Records. 

Despite some minor difficulties that pushed the timetables back, the band managed to engage the crowd from the second they started playing "Pretty", followed by "Everybody" and "The Blues". Great start, amirite? What I love about Tivoli Theatre is that it's not a gigantic venue, giving a sense of intimacy and allowing the energy to fill the room -and the crowdsurfers to, well, crowdsurf, loosing shoes in the process. The band was powerful, energetic and heavy, with guitarist Si Delaney constantly moving and jumping. Vocalist Rob Damiani is an excellent frontman, who knows very well how to get the crowd pumped. While talking between songs, he recognized a fan from Australia and dedicated them the next song. The show went by in the blink of an eye, leaving us with great memories.

All pictures courtesy of Georgia Bravo photography

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