Live Coverage || Deez Nuts @ Durer Kert, 08/04/2018

Over the years of seeing Deez Nuts, I can positively admit that I'm having a great time while they play, so it hardly came as a surprise when I found myself in a small sold out and very packed room, where about 200 sweaty maniacs were ready to party like there was no tomorrow -and you bet they did.

Upon my arrival at the venue, the second opening act, The Southern Oracle was on stage. Not exactly the music I was in the mood to listen to, but quite pleasant nonetheless. Tight and dynamic, they managed to get the crowd pumped and efficiently warmed up for the headliners. (8)
As I mentioned, I'm no stranger to Deez Nuts and their vibe. Having seen them at low-attendance shows in my hometown and at raging shows around Germany, I was really curious what could go down in that small room. Oh boy. The band was at the top of their game, even though they had just entered the second leg of their tour. Kicking off with "Binge & Purgatory", followed by "Stay True", they introduced the first pits and scream-alongs of the evening. Despite missing a certain Sean Kennedy, the fitting recruitment of First Blood's Carl Schwartz aka. the MVP of the night was more than enough to cover SK's absence; his stage presence along the rest of DN was excellent, especially provided that he had to learn the setlist on a very short notice and still didn't skip a beat. 
The band balanced back and forth between the old and newer material, always returning to the time-tested hits -and yes, "Band Of Brothers" sung by the fans will never fail to give me goosebumps. "Your Mother Should Have Swallowed You" closed the main set, only for the band to go back on stage for an encore, with a raspier-than-usual RealBad inviting kids to "go fucking crazy". Apparently, his wish was their command. This performance was, if not the best, the second-best show of DN I've ever attended. (10)

All pictures courtesy of Dearohwell Photography.
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