Review || Turnstile - "Time & Space"

Turnstile is releasing their latest album, "Time & Space", on February 23rd via Roadrunner Records. I've been following Turnstile closely for quite some time now and I was admittedly very eager to see them coming up with new ideas on expanding their remarkable musical abilities. Enter "Time And Space", the band's unconventional sophomore full length, which flies the flag of genre re-invention. 

I'm really happy that Turnstile belongs in a new generation of bands that, instead of blindly conforming to the dogmatic norms of hardcore, they agilely adapt classical sounds into their own blend; Bad Brains, Rage Against The Machine, grunge, funk, you name it. This is exactly the case for "Time & Space". The band continues paving their creative path by modernizing older music styles without copying their predecessors. Even on the simplest composition, the instrumentation and vocals are brilliantly layered, further amplifying the juxtaposition between the solid rhythm section and the alteration between screams and psychedelic vocal harmonies. Considerably heavy at all the right places, it manages to keep a good balance between the groovy spirit of the band and the memorable melodic hooks. That being said, we should also keep in mind that Turnstile is renowned for their incendiary shows and this is the essence they attempted to encapsulate with this album; upbeat and anthemic songs that will grab the listener's attention and will then easily translate to raw energy when played live -the title track being a prime example to this. If I had to pick the most outstanding tracks, I would probably go with the second single, "Generator", with the catchy clean vocals, "(Lost Another) Piece Of My World", the groovy "Moon" and, of course, the hard-hitting title track. 

"Time & Space" marks the linear progress and definite evolution of Turnstile. It's a magnificent album that feels like a much needed breath of fresh air into a tradition-dominated scene. The consistent use of cleaner singing is also something I'd love to hear in future releases, as it perfectly suits the band's experimenting sound please and thank you. Finally, the only downside I would probably cite is the length of the album. As I've mentioned before, I'm not personally a fan of extremely short or ridiculously long records, but I do understand their necessity in certain genres. The verdict: it's only February and I've already found the second of my top releases of the year.
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