Review || Deaf Autumn - "The Shape"

Deaf Autumn formed in Italy in 2013. With their first album being very well received, and despite some member changes, the band confidently headed back to the studio in late 2017 to record their sophomore oeuvre, "The Shape".
When the playlist started, I was quite startled, as it turned out “The Shape” was far from predictable. To put it plainly, it seems to combine the melodic-meets-screams aspect of We Came As Romans circa “Tracing Back Roots” (“I Won’t Run Away”), crossing roads with punkier vibes (“Without A Shelter”) and the easy-listening tunes of alt rock (“A Thousand Broken Hearts” with the beautiful violin accents) while being subtly enriched with flavorful nu elements (“Over Me”). Nimbly, the album shifts to an All Time Low-esque ballad duet (“Love Pretender”), functioning as a breather, before returning to the upbeat element, with the occasional nerve and sophisticated aggression it has already manifested. The song that stands out the most is hands down the title track; a sincere hymn with the powerful singalong and the heartfelt guitar work.
It is noteworthy that, for such a new band, they have an explicit vision of what they want to do without ripping off established acts, something I really appreciate. The clean vocals are on point while the screaming doesn’t fall far behind. A big plus are also the polished and refined edges of the clear production which allow the individual elements of the orchestration to truly shine. I would conclude by saying that it’s a much more interesting and sounding effortless than a lot of their modern melodic metalcore-ish counterparts. It’s a fresh and creative outlook on slightly oversaturated genres that a lot of younger bands lack.
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