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After their highly successful recent tour in Europe, Comeback Kid is returning to Greece to kick off their balkan/south european run. Having caught them on their Fall tour and at Vainstream Rockfest last summer and on multiple occasions in the past we can vouch you are in for a good time. Can't figure out the potential setlist? Didn't have time to learn the songs? Worry not, once again we got you covered. This guide is our ultimate cheat sheet to properly prepare for Comeback Kid show.

Ready? Let's go.

1. False Idols Fall
The opening track of the bands seminal record, "Wake The Dead". A staple in the setlist, and usually strategically played early in the set, it's guaranteed to get your blood going. 

2. Somewhere, Somehow
The hit song off of the latest album, "Outsider". The singalong is more contagious than you think and, in a live setting, it will be an absolute pleasure to scream at the top of your lungs.

 3. GM Vincent & I
Another staple with a big and dynamic singalong. Much like every song on "Symptoms And Cures", it has a unique character which, at the same time, is a CBK signature composition.

4. Should Know Better
The party song. Simple as that.

5. Wake The Dead
The title track of the second album is a beautiful hardcore hymn that fans (or not) will never fail to sing as loud as they possibly can. Traditionally the last song on the setlist, is the perfect way to close their enrapturing performance.

+ An honorable mention, intentionally taken from the "Through The Noise" DVD: "Partners In Crime".

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