Live Coverage || Made In America Tour @ Baltimore Soundstage (02/12/2017)

The Made in America Tour made an appearance at the Baltimore Soundstage Friday, December 2nd.  The tour included Sleep On It, Chapel, As It Is, and Waterparks as the headliner. The club was filled with teens and young adults who were clearly excited to see the show. 

Sleep On It opened the evening with “Window”, a song a about loss. It was a great way to begin the show as a built-up to the headliner. Patrick from As It Is briefly joined vocalist Zech Pluister to sing “Hope”, providing a tease into what how the evening would play out. The expectation was that Patrick would remain on stage but, to our dismay, after the duet, he left and Sleep On It continued their set.
Chapel, a two-member indie-pop band, was next in line. Drummer Kortney Grinwis and vocalist Carter Hardin were explosiv; they brought excitement to the room, as the audience continued to dance and sing along.  
As It Is opened their set with new songs off their most recent album, “Okay”. The audience seemed to enjoy the new music and sang to each new song. “Soap” was the kick off for the crowd surfing, which would continue through the night. The set ended with a lead into "Dial Tones" and Patrick addressing an encouraging thought for anyone who may be struggling; “when it gets hard, don’t stop believing because life gets better”.
Waterparks was the star of the show. The audience's enthusiasm peaked as backtracks played and the stage hands set the stage. “Pink” opened the show with a LED backdrop and lyrics presented on the screen to encourage sing-alongs, with “Blonde”,” Mad All The Time” and "Crave” arguably being some of the more famous songs. The show ended with acoustic versions of “Powerless” and “21 Questions”, which gave the crowd a moment to settle in and sway to the music as the room was hit up by raised cell phones. 

The atmosphere was one of excitement and calm, when reflection was needed. The kids enjoyed the show and all seemed to exit orderly and with concern for others around them. Overall, it was a great show mainly due to having bands of similar genre building momentum and setting the stage for Waterparks as the headliner. 

All pictures courtesy of Ashley Kalinoski Photography
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