Neck Deep issues statement on last night's events in Nottingham

Following last night's show cancellation, UK pop punks Neck Deep have issued a statement in which they express their regret and their belief that shows should be a safe place for everyone, while trying to reschedule the show.

Neck Deep had to cancel last night's headlining show in Nottingham not even two songs in, after a fight broke with security. As seen on footage from the show, security attacked two fans who were crowdsurfing and Neck Deep stopped the show, eventually both the band and their crew getting involved. After the unfortunate events, vocalist Ben Barlow got back on stage to officially announce that the show was over.

Despite what went down with security, it is also of crucial importance to point out that jumping in and/or defending someone (or yourself) who is being harassed by a bigger person on power trip is one thing. Kicking someone on the back of the head without direct prior threat and while they're not looking and are therefore unable to protect themselves is equally as harmful in the situation and potentially even more dangerous than the event that triggered the initial brawl. 
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