Live Review || You Me At Six @ Piraeus Academy (21/10/2017)

I've always thought that You Me At Six is the sort of band you need to see with your significant other, dancing and passionately singing along. Although my first time seeing them wasn't exactly the aforementioned case, the show was as spot-on as I imagined it to be. But let's take it from the top.
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The band took the stage with "Spell It Out" and I knew we were on for a good start. The crowd responded immediately and started singing along. Despite the low attendance, the energy filled the venue. The band was evidently fueled by the feedback they got, constant smiles on their faces. The set revolved around the last four releases, especially "Night People" and "Cavalier Youth" with decent references to "Sinners Never Sleep" and a couple of songs off of "Hold Me Down". Vocalist Josh Franceschi didn't stop moving, giving an impressive performance and earning cheerful reactions. I should also mention how important is for a band not just to sound good (which they did) but to also have a nice light show that keeps the fans entertained. 
Having been around for over a decade now, they know how to keep things interesting. And, admittedly, asking the fans to light the stage with their phones and lighters ("Take On The World") or getting on their friends shoulders ("No One Does It Better"), was a truly beautiful sight. The band took the time to thank the kids for coming out. Franceschi admitted that they were contemplating breaking up but doing this tour gave them new perspective. He also announced that they would be pulling a While She Sleeps and releasing their new album, which they have already started writing, independently. Hats off mate, that's a ballsy move. The semi-acoustic rendition of "Too Young To Feel This Old" that followed, courtesy of Josh and Max Helyer, was hair-raising to say the least. After that quick breather, the rest of the guys returned on stage for the four remaining songs. After a little over an hour, they finished their performance with "Room To Breathe". Flawless.

This show was one for the books. You Me At Six proved that a band doesn't need a packed room to have an outstanding presence as long as the people who appreciate their art are just as passionate as the band. 
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