Groezrock will not take place in 2018

As reported by the Belgian website HLN, Groezrock will not take place in 2018. Apparently, the festival suffered the loss of four members of the working group, rendering the remaining members unable to bear the weight of the entire organisation of the festival by themselves in such a short time. 

According to Jos Tordoor, one of the organizers who spoke to HLN, "Our working group consisted of eleven people. Four of them broke down. Everyone spends incredibly hard year after year, but it becomes increasingly difficult for some to combine their daily lives with the many hours needed to prepare Groezrock. Many have a full-time job, some have children. Unfortunately, others have lost the sense of punk and hardcore scene. As a result, we lost some core members of the first hour. We fully understand their decision and realize that it was also a very difficult decision for them". 

The organizers firmly believe that new employees will be on board on time to prepare for the 27th edition of Groezrock in April 2019. However, for the time being, it is being thought that 2018 shouldn't pass without Groezrock. "We are looking for a cultural center or room with enough capacity to put together a mix of established values ​​and emerging talent, while giving enough fans the opportunity to attend the event", continued Tordoor. 
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