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The Sound Of Revolution is only a few days away and our serious preparation has begun. The second edition of the festival, which will take place on November 4th at Klokgebouw in Eindhoven (NL), is now officially sold out.

Let me start by saying that narrowing down the 21 bands playing the festival to just 10 for this list was way harder than I thought. Narrowing down the catalogues of these bands, most of which contain quite a few anthems, to one representative track per band and avoiding the safety net of the very obvious choices, now THAT was a challenge. Some songs will be inevitably left out of this list but don't worry, we've got you covered. Just keep scrolling.

01. Sick Of It All - "Step Down"

02. Dog Eat Dog - "Who's The King"

03. 100 Demons - "Destiny Never Came"

04. Wisdom In Chains - "Fighting In The Streets"

05. No Warning - "Short Fuse"

06. Battery - "Empty Room"

07. Cro-Mags - "Street Justice"

08. Slapshot - "Watch Me Bleed"

09. Cold World - "The Real Deal"

10. No Turning Back - "Can't Keep Me Down"

+ the honorary mention. This list wouldn't be complete without Warzone.

Now remember, those are just suggestions to get your blood going. For an actual preparation, check out our ultimate The Sound Of Revolution Spotify Playlist.

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