Review || Nasty - "Realigion"

Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts. Things are about to get brutal. Nasty will be dropping a fucking gamechanger album very soon and I wish I was kidding, as I'm currently collecting my jaw from the floor. Picking up from where the previous album, "Shokka", left off things remain as fierce as one would expect from a Nasty release. Do not be fooled though, these guys have been around long enough to know how to produce interesting content without compromising their trademark elements -or releasing the same record twice.

One thing the listener will immediately notice is that the album flows very quickly and almost seamlessly. The first track, "F.Y.W.", serves as a neck and knuckle warm-up for what is to follow. "Rock Bottom" kicks in, followed by the ferocious "At War With Love", both released as a promo videos. The songs leave no room for misinterpretation; Nasty is here to rightfully claim their throne. "DRTY FNGRZ 2" is the grown up follow-up to the 2006 "Dirty Fingers" but with improved vocals. Lyrically, it still deals with hypocrisy on the Internet, only musically it is a definitive step forward. Another single, "Forgiveness", is up next, vicious and aggressive. This track is an absolute pit-hit to set people off. Let's be honest, who can get over this beautiful round-house kick
The title track features a guest performance by JJ Peters of Deez Nuts. Both vocalists unleash an avid attack to organized religion and bring forth the importance of self-realization and empowerment while “At Night” is a rampant banger that doesn’t stray from the character of the album. “Interlude” functions as both a breather and the introduction to quite possibly one of the best tunes Nasty has ever written; “Prediction”. The ‘love song’ of the album with a sort of anthemic feel, has some catchy vocal melodies that don’t go unnoticed. Absolutely one that needs to be added to the setlist and to be sung along. As we head towards the end, “Welle”, the only German song in the release, and “In Defeat” are the explosive combination that allows the record to go out with a bang. Set the latter at the 01:48 mark and be prepared to trash your bedroom. You’re welcome. Following the path of "Shokka", the final track is the outro which, although unusually melodic for this album and with a Heaven-Shall-Burn-ish momentum?, fits right in and feels just as heavy as the rest of the songs.
You thought you were done, didn’t you? Not before the bonus track, “Babylon”, is over. A rapacious epilogue to conclude the album.

“Realigion” is a relentless sonic assault. The short length of the compositions is a really big advantage to that; before the listener has the chance to recover from the hit of one song, the next one is already blasting. The face-melting riffage and the pounding drumwork have always been the key components of every Nasty release. One would think that, when a band has paved a very specific path with their sound, it would be hard not to release the same thing over and over. I myself am guilty to have said that a few times for certain bands. The case with these guys, however, is different. Over the last 7 or so years, Nasty took their massive sound, broke it down to the absolute fundaments and established their identity by completely assimilating their influences. I wouldn’t exactly call it a matter of proper structure per se, as Matthi put it, but I would definitely label it as growing up and embracing new sounds. The consistent touring with bands of different scenes and genres has been a catalyst to open up to new ideas and approaches. To that, we should also add the progressive change of the vocals from throaty growls to potentially less harming screams. 
Understandably, Nasty might not be everyone's cup of tea. Before dismissing them completely, though, I strongly recommend that you check this album out.

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