Review || Cursed Earth - "Cycles Of Grief vol. I: Growth"

Allow me to introduce you to your new favorite band.

Hailing from Perth, Australia, Cursed Earth is the new sensation in heavy noise-making. The quintet formed in 2013 and is steadily becoming a force to be reckoned with. Their latest EP, “Cycles Of Grief”, is an angry album that addresses issues through a blatantly nihilistic prism. It consists of 5 short tracks and picks up where the last album, “Enslaved By The Insignificant”, left off demonstrating a natural evolution of the sound. The band continues to voice their fears and disappointment in a relatable way. Vocalist Jazmine Luders delivers a truly remarkable guttural performance, proving that she can play the game just as well as the boys in this scene. Guitarists Kieran Molloy and Paul Cottrell have artfully assimilated their influences into a solid amalgam of headbanging riffage while Robert Owens supports the body of the sound with his sharp and full basslines. Of course, all that would be gone to waste without that on-point, violent and face-melting drumming.
Lyrically, from pent up aggression to police brutality, the themes of anguish and desolation are always prominent through the latent nature vs. nurture debate. Self-pity and reflection in a compulsive urge to break free from the devious course of life. Realistic cynicism depicting in a horrendously accurate way how the rotten and corrupted shell of the frail system slowly crumbles; a defiant act of insurrection against moral bankruptcy. All in under 2' of pummeling drums. 

Europe! In October, Cursed Earth is coming to a venue near you with Make Them Suffer. Don't miss out.

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