Live Coverage || Vainstream Rockfest 2017 warm-up

After a long day of travelling, I made it to Munster. Upon my arrival at the venue, I still had about an hour or so before the show started. The warm-up (or opening night) this year consisted of Deez Nuts, Vitja who filled in for Blood Youth and Fallbrawl. What better way to start?

Fallbrawl cut straight to the chase. Raw, brutal and aggressive, they gave the room the energy they needed. The band was restless, with the rawring vocalist dominating the stage. Very good stage presence and sound, 10/10 would watch again. (7.5)

Vitja is the perfect example of a band that plays music appealing to a specific target market of mainly teenagers. They still aren't my cup of tea but I got to give them the great stage production and interaction with the fans, and a good sound overall. (7)

On to Deez Nuts. Taking over the stage with "Binge/Purgatory" and "Popular Demand", the band started fueling the kids. JJ Peters seemed to be in a good mood, smiling all the time. The setlist consisted of all the good pit hits, old and new, at times the entire venue singing with one voice. Things started getting wilder when Stu Ross and Andrew Neufeld of Comeback Kid did guest vocal spots. As soon as Deez Nuts finished their set, the Canadians hijacked the stage and had an impromptu jam. "Wake The Dead" quite literally found people going off, crowdsurfing and screaming at the top of their lungs. Definitely a night to remember. (8)

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All pictures courtesy of Dearohwell Photography.
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