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When you listen to Brutality Will Prevail, you will probably imagine some tough, super-macho-hardcore guys too serious for their own good. Wrong. While at Vainstream, Nick, Adam and Mophead agreed to do an impromptu drinking game, two having a beer, one sipping from his energy drink. Their reactions to all our silly questions were priceless and made the noise of the band playing in the background much more bearable.

Band: Brutality Will Prevail
Players: Nick, Mophead, Adam

U: Never have I ever been caught doing something I shouldn't be doing
Mophead: I got caught stealing when I shouldn't be stealing. Robbing stuff from shops cause I was a little kid. It was always funny, stealing clothes all the time.
Nick: I've never been caught. I'm just too good at not getting caught.
Adam: Mine is too graphic, I can't share it...

U: Never have I ever been in handcuffs.
M.: I've never been in handcuffs.
A.: Neither
N.: Well... I got really drunk one time in Newport City and I was about to get a train. There was a vending machine full of chocolates and drinks, and me and my friend were running at it to shake it and see if chocolate would fall out. We ran, the first time we got straight into it and a chocolate bar fell out. We were like “wicked! We got a free chocolate bar! Let's see how much more we can do!”. SO, we took a big run, and we literally went through the vending machine; the glass broke and we were both sat there, covered in glass, all my hand was bleeding and we sat there waiting for a train. Two policemen walked up to me [and asked] if I had broken the vending machine, and I [said] “no, these boys just got on the train”. They were like “we just watched you do it, we literally stood there watching the whole thing”. My dad still doesn't know. [ed -he might, now] That was when I was 20.

U: Never have I ever had a close brush with death.
M.: I don't think I've been close to death...
A.: Not actual death, no.
M.: too lazy to get in situations like [this].
N.: We've done things that we probably don't realize are close to death, like jumping off massive cliffs, into jellyfish...
M.: I jumped in that lake on the No Turning Back tour, it was freezing cold, I thought I was gonna die but it was me being over the top.
A.: I was nearly in a few [car] accidents that could have been bad. I was luckily not involved in them.

U: Never have I ever walked in on any of my bandmates.
A.: We do all that shit next to each other.
M.: There is nothing they haven’t done…
A.: There is nothing we’ve not seen… When we were on the No Turning Back tour, it was a nightliner tour. We were all wanking in our bunks, everyone knew we were wanking.
N.: We could hear each other! (laughs)
M.: I’ve stared into [bassist] Jordan’s eyes as he’s having sex. Just looked straight in his eyes. That was horrible. He doesn't do that anymore, he's a good boy.
A.: There’s not much we don’t do in front of each other.

U: Never have I ever laughed so hard I pissed my pants.
N.: I’ve never pissed myself…
A.: I’ve been close.

U: Never have I ever pulled off a successful tour prank.
N.: We did a small tour with Random Conflict; super nice guys. This was probably 9 years ago. We bought lots of fish and we put them in their van. It took them 2 weeks to find them all because they couldn’t work out why there was a bad smell in their van.
M.: We put them down the side of the van, in their gear, in magazines, closed the magazines and put them in seats…
N.: I have another one as well! We went on tour with Ritual and when we were driving to Scotland, we found a big black bag full of gay porn on the side of the road. We were putting prints of this porn in their guitar cases every night.

U: Never have I ever received a noise complaint after a night of hard partying.
Adam and Nick: All the time!
N.: Actually, my neighbors are awesome! They don’t mind but I’ve been in situation where there’s been noise complaints.
A.: I used to rent a house off my Mum so every weekend it was a party house. We used to stay to until all hours in the morning. One time this guy had a whole bottle of Disaronno and he got a really bad rash all over his belly. He rang 999 himself; the ambulance came at 3 AM. Because the ambulance came, the police turned up so all the neighbors were looking out of their curtains what was going on.

U: Never have I ever eaten food out of a trash can.
N.: Nope.
M.: Never done that.
A.: If you go to Asia, pretty much all their food is cooked in trash cans. But it’s a very beautiful place!
M.: Not yet. I’m sure there will come a time when I need to eat out of a trash can and I will. As long as it’s been in for less than 5”.
A.: I would drink a beer out of a trash can. 

The boys did really well! We only wish we had more questions to also include Jordan, who joined us for the second round of beers. Maybe next time.
What did you guys think?

*Disclaimer: In no way do we condone abuse of alcohol and/or energy drinks; drink responsibly*
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