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The big day is around the corner. Vainstream marks the final trip of this season for Unraveled and we intend to take full advantage of the fact. The lineup is definitely interesting this year, especially in the smaller stages. 

After careful consideration, here are the 10 bands you shouldn't miss if you're in Munster on July 1st. We know we won't.

1. The Devil Wears Prada

We have a new found love for TDWP after catching them in an explosive club show earlier this month. Keen to see them again in a big stage.

When and where? EMP Stage || 10:15

2. While She Sleeps

One of the most influential and revolutionary bands of their generation, the Sleeps released a brilliant album recently and are renown for their explosive stage presence.

When and where: Lonsdale Stage || 11:45

3. Comeback Kid

Our other favorite Canadians. CBK is one of our favorite bands with good reason. They know how to get the crowd going and their songs are pit hits. New album comingon September 1st, can't wait.

When and where? EMP Stage || 13:20

4. Brutality Will Prevail

The second British band in the list is one of most anticipated ones. Brutality Will Prevail successfully combine the raw energy of a hardcore show with the dirty sludgy beatdowns. We definitely recommend checking them out.

When and where? Green Hell Clubstage || 17:00

5. Northlane

Having seen Northlane 3 or 4 times already with both vocalists, and after giving several spins to "Mesmer", we know that the band has grown to be (and sound) exactly how they're supposed to. And we won't mind witnessing this evolution again in an intimate setting some time in the future.

When and where? Lonsdale Stage || 10:45

6. Against Me!

Another band we don't need to argue about. Love them or hate them, Against Me! is in our bucket list for a few years now -and Laura Jane Grace is is a great performer.

When and where? Lonsdale Stage || 14:05

7. Of Mice And Men

With or without Austin Carlile, this band still continues to blow our minds. Unfortunately we missed them in Italy but we will give them our full attention in Germany.

When and where? EMP Stage || 15:15

8. First Blood

The titans of hardcore released a mental album in February and are headlining the Green Hell Clubstage so we are looking forward to mosh with any strength we have left.

When and where? Green Hell Clubstage || 23:55

9. A Day To Remember

To be honest, we don't really follow them musically over the last years, but we know from experience that big settings like this are totally their thing.

When and where? EMP Stage || 20:30

10. The Black Dahlia Murder

The goofy masters of heavy music. The dark lords of horror and weed. The best way to start the day.

When and where? EMP Stage || 11:15

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