Blog || 10 bands you shouldn't miss at Jera On Air

Jera On Air. Two days. Three stages. Ten noteworthy bands to see. Let's do this.

1. Architects

Although "All Our Gods Have Abandonded Us" wasn't a big hit in our HQ, Architects is a crazy good live band that never disappoints.

When and where? June 23rd || Impericon Main stage || at midnight

2. Every Time I Die

This band doesn't know how to write bad music and will always deliver an insane live show.
Don't ever skip a chance to see them.

When and where? June 24th || Second Stage || 18:15

3. The Bouncing Souls

A teenage love for some of us. A band that will never get old (musically) and which we could probably follow to the moon and back.

When and where? June 23rd || Second Stage || 21:20

4. Antillectual

If you're into politics and punk rock, Antillectual will be your thing. Hailing from The Netherlands, they have made a name for themselves on the DIY scene in and out of Europe -quite rightly, if you as us.

When and where? June 23rd || Vitelia Punkrock Bar || 22:45

5. Trash Boat

The latest sensation in the punk rock scene. Our friends caught them on tour a few months back and can vouch for a great experience.

When and where? June 23rd || Vitelia Punkrock Bar || 17:30

6. Deez Nuts

We never thought we'd be writing these lines but here we are. After seeing them in 5 different occasions over the years, it's safe to say that you will be in for a good time. They also released a great album a couple of months ago so check that out too.

When and where? June 24th || Second Stage || 21:20

7. The Dillinger Escape Plan

Because. The Dillinger Escape Plan. 

When and where? June 24th || Impericon Main Stage || 20:30

8. Landscapes

Another band we haven't seen in ages. Maybe a morning setting is not ideal to see Landscapes, but you won't be wasting your time if you do.

When and where? June 23rd || Second Stage || 14:05

Honorable mentions: Broken Teeth, Straightline, Comeback Kid, Northlane

10. Obey The Brave

We love these guys, "Mad Season" is incredible and we are really looking forward to hearing the new tracks live.

When and where? June 23rd || Second Stage || 16:45

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