Featured || Never Have I Ever with RealBad from Deez Nuts

We are thrilled to present this new segment; the drinking game “Never have I ever”.The rules are simple. We ask our guest 8 questions. If the answer is positive, they take a sip from their drink or a shot and share the story behind it, if it's not too graphic. What better way to kick off than a representative of the infamous DTD crew?
(© Lachlan Monty)

Player: Matt "RealBad" Rogers
Band: Deez Nuts

Shall we?

U: Never have I ever had a very close brush with death.

I was just in Russia for a week, I've had many close calls with death! Done a lot of bad things. Not to people, but maybe drugs, alcohol, car accidents...

U: Never have I ever been caught doing something I shouldn't be doing, legal or illegal.

U: Never have I ever walked in on any of my bandmates.
Won't speak on that, you're gonna get me drunk! (laughs)

U: Never have I ever been in handcuffs.
I got arrested on my 24th birthday for drugs.

U: Never have I ever laughed so hard I pissed my pants.
I pissed my pants two nights ago in Russia but not from laughing.

U: Never have I ever pulled a successful tour prank.
I have but I don't remember... I'll drink though!

U: Never have I ever eaten food out of a trash can.
(cringes) No.

U: Never have I ever received  a noise complaint after a night of hard partying.
Every night.


Not bad for a first-timer! What did you guys think? 

*Disclaimer: In no way do we condone abuse of alcohol and/or energy drinks; drink responsibly*
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