Live Review || Attila, The Word Alive, Carcer City @ Bi Nuu (Berlin), 14/4/2017

There's no doubt Attila is a band people love to hate. I've been following them for years and finally got first-hand experience of their show. Spending Easter in Germany was challenging; there was the staple show I wanted to attend, and many, MANY more across the country. Good Friday found me in Berlin, watching the "Chaos Tour".
Carcer City got on stage at around 7:30. The band was pretty tight, enjoying their moments on stage despite the initial low attendance. They're making a name for themselves but personally, I found them a bit overwhelming. (6)
Unfortunately I had to miss the first songs of The Word Alive due to an assignment. When I got in front of the stage, the band was already sweating hard. Telle Smith is a great frontman with a golden voice. Both his songwriting and his technique have evolved through the years. The band was energetic; Zack Hansen was displaying his dance moves with Daniel Shapiro (who did some great jumps and almost broke the stage). The setlist included some older songs as well as their latest singles and kids seemed to enjoy them. Definitely catching them on a headliner. (9)
When Attila got on stage, the room was packed. Cutting straight to the chase, they got people moshing hard. The band didn't stop moving for a second. The sound was quite clear, although there were times where the bass covered everything. Fronz was making faces and flipping people off, inviting them to go crazy -after all, there's no rules at an Attila show. In this tour, they have a habit of bringing two kids on stage, having them competing over a breakdown and the winner gets to sing "Payback" with the band. Trust me, this is fun to watch. Attila played for a little over an hour. By the end of the set, yours truly had bruised legs, almost lost an eye and did actually loose a few strands of hair. I guess you could say the show was good! (8)
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