Interview || The One With RealBad from Deez Nuts

After nearly four months of being on the road, Deez Nuts played one of the last shows of their recent tour in our city. had the chance to briefly catch up with the very tired Matt "Real Bad" Rogers.

U: You just finished doing the first edition of your very own festival! How did that come about? How was it like?
Real Bad: It came about because we tour Europe 3-4 times a year and it was getting... Not stale, but we wanted to do our own thing. Madball has their own tour, the Rebellion Tour, and we wanted to start our own one with a few of our best friends and it came out very very good! It was one of my favorite tours ever.

U: You also finished your new album and you worked again with Andrew Neufeld; I guess you don't change a winning team.
RB: Who was also on the tour [with Comeback Kid]. No, you don't change a winning team but the record sounds very different, very heavy.

U: I can tell! You released a brand new track today ("Discord"), which was very very interesting. I must admit, “Binge & Purgatory” is one of the albums I'm really looking forward to this year.
RB: Awesome! Thank you very much!

U: I've always had a question though. Half the band lives in Australia, the other half in New York. How do you write and record?
RB: The Australians come to New York and we write it for a month. Then we record in Boston... And then we go on tour.

U: On a more serious note. You guys travel across the world to play shows. After all the recent events in Europe and the Bataclan attack, do you have a sense of fear when you walk into a venue?
RB: No. We've been on tour for 10 years straight, I've been on tour right now. I haven't been home in 4 months and I go home in two days. It's amazing so all my fears are out of the window; I'm just excited to go home (laughs) We were in Russia for a week, that was scary!

U: If you could cast each member of the band as a superhero, who would each member be?
RB: JJ would be Superman because he manages the band, takes care of everything. I'd be Batman because he's the coolest. Alex would be Aquaman just because and SK would be Wonder Woman.

U: If you woke up one day in the opposite gender's body, what would be your first reaction?
RB: If I woke up one day being a girl? I would stay in my bed for a long time, if you know what I mean...

U: I think I do (laughs) What's one album you can listen to without skipping a single song?
RB: “You Come Before You” by Poison The Well, “Hold It Down” and “Set It Off” by Madball, “Symptoms & Cures” by Comeback Kid... I have many.

U: You do indeed. Now, if you could have a 1-minute phone call with a younger you, what age would you choose and what would you tell yourself?
RB: I would choose maybe 21-22 and say “things are gonna get better”.

U: If your life had a soundtrack, apart from the band, what would it be?
RB: It would be “Plans” by Death Cab For Cutie. That's my favorite band ever.

U: Fuck, marry, kill in the band. 
RB: Fuck, marry, kill? I couldn't do that! (laughs) I don't wanna fuck any of them, I don't wanna kill any of them and I would marry... Maybe SK.

U: If you died today, what song would you like to play at the funeral?

RB: “Your Heart Is An Empty Room” by Death Cab.

U: That's it! We're done. Thank you for your time!
RB: Thank you!
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