Review || Mate's Fate - "A Home For All" EP

Mate's Fate is a metalcore band hailing from Lyon, France. In early 2017 the quintet released their first crowd-funded EP, "A Home For All", which consists of 5 catchy and well-written songs. The dynamic clean vocals will definitely catch your attention from the first track. Melodic and aggressive, the songs have the usual structure of this genre, with the occasional breakdowns and solos, but still retain a quite unique character throughout the album. It becomes apparent very quickly that they are written to be played on stage and sung by the crowd. What also stands out is the punctual english pronounciation in both the clean and the screaming vocals, a trait not so common among french vocalists.The band is not shy when it comes to showcasing their influences; however, at times it could become overwhelming. "Souvenirs", for instance, towards the end holds an Architects-esque playing which makes it difficult to focus on both the screams and the solo underneath in the same time, while every now and then the vocals jump from Northlane in "Singularity" to Of Mice And Men circa "The Flood".
Overall, I'd say we have to do with a diamond in the rough here. Sure, they need to blunt some edges, an attribute that only comes with practice both in the studio and on stage, and to develop a personal sound that only hints said influences. It's my belief that they will have by the time they release a full length album. They have, however, set the foundations to become a recognizable name in the resurgence of the metalcore scene.
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