Live Review || Deez Nuts, Seasons AC, Mindthreat, Till I Drop Dead @ MODU (Athens), 25/02/2017

It's been a good couple of years since Deez Nuts played Athens. Seeing as the last time was pretty eventful, we were all undoubtedly curious what would happen now. Thankfully, things went alright and the night actually turned out to be really good. But let's take it from the top.
Till I Drop Dead walked first on stage. The band has made a name for themselves in the local scene and in their 20-minute setlist, they displayed their youthful energy. However, as good as their stage presence might have been, the band delves into the sort of metalcore that grew almost a decade ago -an argument supported by their choice of A Day To Remember and As I Lay Dying covers- and has since declined. They need to remember that the bands which emerged from that wave, either rose to fame because evolved their sound and never looked back, or kept playing the same album over and over and were thankfully put in the grave. (6)
Mindthreat, on the other hand, were a sight for sore eyes. The band was restless as they presented tracks off of their upcoming debut album. Their dynamic playing was coherent and tight throughout the set, while the members didn't stop bouncing and moving for a second. (7)
As for Seasons AC, the verdict remains the same as the last couple of times I saw them. Having fully assimilated the influences of leading metalcore bands into a solid sonic outcome, they moved on stage with ease and confidence. We also spotted a certain RealBad of Deez Nuts watching them, and later complimenting them on their playing so these lads are probably doing something right. (8)
Deez Nuts took the stage by storm with "Band Of Brothers" and "Popular Demand" (both personal favorites) so we were definitely off to a good start. It was the fourth or fifth time seeing them, and I swear I've never seen them in such a good mood. The band has just finished four months of consecutive touring so they were pretty tight. JJ Peters was on his A-game, cracking jokes and giving the mic to the kids on the front all the time. It was pretty obvious the band reflected the feedback of the crowd. Their setlist consisted of both older and newer material, as well as a couple of tracks from their upcoming release -which we are really looking forward to, at this point. Top notch performace, probably the best one yet. On to the next one this summer. (8)
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