Live Coverage || Never Say Die tour @ CCO (Lyon), 19/11/2016

It's rather unfortunate when you get a nasty pharyngitis two days before a trip. Especially when you have arranged interviews -and want to sing along to your favorite bands. Thankfully help was provided, as this trip marked two of our crew going to Lyon for the 10th edition of Never Say Die tour, and our different taste in music was perfect for the review.
(E.C.: * and J.C.: ~)

Polar was first; a personal favorite for this tour. They started off with “Blood For Blood”, getting kids pumped. The clear sound of the venue really helped their tunes stand out. The band was fully energetic and interacting with the kids without pulling rockstar cliches. They will be back on a headliner tour in March 2017. (8) *
Make Them Suffer on the other hand, despite having a powerful stage presence, engaged into shenanigans. They too had a pretty decent sound on the stage, jumping and headbanging all the time. The only thing that sounded merely irrelevant at times, as it was louder than the rhythm section, was the piano, but Luna has an incredible voice that complimented the performance. I can literally see the hype around their name, but they still aren't my cup of tea. (7) *
Fallujah was up next. The band was really tight and the clear sound allowed them to prove themselves. The technicality of their songs was properly displayed, inviting the crowd to headbang mercilessly. (7) ~
The fourth time seeing Obey The Brave was the best time yet (and I have the bruises to prove it). They grabbed the bull by the horns with “Get Real”, making a nice hit selection of their catalog (OK, maybe they should have included a french song for the franch crowd), also playing two new songs. Their stage presence was a delight, with Alex Erian addressing the kids in french and the guitarists messing with each other. (8) *
A side note for Carnifex; one of us is a fan, the other is not despite seeing them twice. We have reached a mutual conclusion that their performance was among the best we saw this year. Scott Ian Lewis has undoubtedly grown to be one of the best frontmen of this scene. His technique was flawless, as he screamed while headbanging between the lyrics without losing his flow. They also had the best lightshow of the night making them more intimidating. The raging pits in the middle are vivid proof that we are not biased. (9) * ~
Second time seeing Thy Art Is Murder  this year. Do you know the feeling that a person is born to be on stage? That's exactly what this touring vocalist was about. Joining the band once more after their winter tour, he dominated the stage matching perfectly the rest of the guys. That kind of music, so sharp and on point, needs venues of this capacity to really show. Definitely a win. (9) ~

There is no doubt Whitechapel is a truly professional band. Despite Phil Bozeman's mic being buried underneath the other instruments, he wasn't phased. The setlist consisted of a good choice of songs, balanced between showcasing their latest album and their previous works. The crowd sang along, but didn't get as mental as I expected. Towards the end, a nice pit started at “This Is Exile”, only to transition into a dancefloor for the encore, “Saw Is The Law”. (8) ~
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