Interview || The one with Marcela Bovio

U: You recently released your first solo endeavor, “Unprecedented”. How’s the reception been so far?
Marcela Bovio: Really great, I'm very happy with the response I've been getting! Especially because it's something very different from what I usually do; I'm very happy my audience can appreciate this album as well.

U: If I’m not mistaken, you wrote all the music yourself. Now I have to ask; how was the writing and recording process like, without a band writing riffs and changing ideas back and forth?
M.B.: It was very different . In a way a bit nerve breaking because I had to do everything myself, but also very liberating because I didn't have to conform to any style: as long as it could be played by a string quartet then it was ok. So that ended up being very inspiring and I wrote quite a lot of songs in a short period of time. 
Recording also went a lot faster than it usually does with a metal album; because this time we recorded everything live, so with the five of us at once. That was a big challenge, but also really important to preserve the organic feeling of the songs. And we were done in two days! 

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U: You played an acoustic show at FEMME and you have also announced some tour dates. Should we take that as a queue that you’re ready for world takeover?
M.B.: Hahaha, YES! Well, more than anything I'm really happy to be performing these songs for an audience a few times. I'm going to do some more shows in Holland, Belgium and Germany this year, and next year probably go to more places in Europe. I've got one more show this year with the string quartet on November 24 in Gorinchem (NL) [ed -the interview was conducted in October], and also doing some shows with piano and vocals; I've got Erik van Ittersum joining me on piano, he's amazing and has made truly gorgeous versions of the songs. Can't wait!

U: You also played Epic Metal Fest , as one of your last appearances with Stream Of Passion.  What are your fondest memories from that show?
M.B.: It was truly great! It was my first time playing at this venue (013) after it's been renovated; so now it's twice as big, but still feels really cozy and nice. There were so many people, making so much noise, it was lovely.

U: You are a singer, violinist and software developer. Do you have any more (hidden) talents?
M.B.: Mmh, I can cook a nice Mexican meal!

U: Would you rather give up your favorite food or coffee? 
M.B.: Not fair!

U: What’s your sin? (Mine would be gluttony)
M.B.: I'm gonna go with gluttony too (laughs)

U: An album you can listen to without skipping a song.
M.B.: Leprous - The Congregation. LOVE it.

U: Your house is on fire and you only have time to take 3 items before running away (family and pets ae safe). What do you take?
M.B.: My laptop, purse and make up bag.

U: Have you ever been caught doing something you shouldn’t be doing? 
M.B.: Nope, never got caught muahaha.

U: Favorite word
M.B.: don't think I have one, I like how "manteca" (lard, in Spanish) sounds

U: Favorite curse word
M.B.: I guess I use “fuck” the most!

U: Your biggest pet peeve
M.B.: People that don't look the way they're walking. Ahh!!

U: Final question. If you died right now, what song would you want to play at your funeral?
M.B.: Don't care, I'm already dead! The guests can play whatever they like! :) I know, I'd put a jukebox in the room; or a laptop with Spotify on and people can make a playlist themselves!

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