Impericon Festival drops lineup announcement

Impericon just made the long anticipated announcement for the Festivals. Thy Art Is Murder, Being As An Ocean & Miss May I are the staple acts for all the Festivals. The other dates will include:

For Leipzig (April 15)
Parkway Drive, Asking Alexandria, Stick To Your Guns, Breakdown Of Sanity, In Hearts Wake, Anti-Flag, Sick Of It All, Wolf Down, Swiss + Die Anderen and more

For Oberhausen (April 22)
Caliban, Breakdown Of Sanity, Anti-Flag, Swiss + Die Andern, Wolf Down, Rogers, Henriette B (winner of Next Generation) and more

For Munich (April 30)
In Hearts Wake,  Anti-Flag, Swiss + Die Andern, Wolf Down + Special Guest (TBA in the new year) and more

For Wien (April 14)
Breakdown Of Sanity, In Hearts Wake, Sick Of It All and more

For Zurich (April 21)
Breakdown Of Sanity, Anti-Flag and more

For Manchester (April 17)
In Hearts Wake and more
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