Live Coverage || Sights & Sounds, Acres, Atlas @ Dynamo (Eindhoven), 07/10/2016

When you travel, you always need you be prepared for things to go wrong. Like one of the headlining bands cancelling their appearance. Or strikes to occur at the local airports. Long story short, I found myself in Eindhoven to see Sights and Sounds. Second time in the Netherlands, first one there. It was 19:30 when Atlas from Belgium, a last-minute addition to the show, got on stage burning incense. Their set was pure paranoia. The frontman had a bloody nose throughout the performance, dancing and screaming like a wild animal. Their music was quite interesting, though I wasn't in the right mindset for personal-struggles-core tunes. (6.5)
I had checked Acres prior to the show and to be honest, I wasn't very sure how their music would be interpreted on stage. I'm glad to admit that I was wrong. Their stage presence was intense, with the guys putting on an exquisite performance. The bassist assisted the vocalist screaming his heart out, while the guitarist was restlessly moving and posing for us. Definitely an act worth checking out. (8)
Unfortunately the turnout was not great but this didn't phase the Canadians. Sights and Sounds performed like there were hundreds of kids in the premises.
This time we also had the chance to see the entire band on stage and in full potential. As expected, the setlist focused mainly on "Monolith" with a couple of songs from "The Silver Door" and their latest single, "Within My Reach" (if you haven't checked it already, do it now!). They remained on stage for about an hour, and chose to cose the performance with "The Clutter". Talk about genuine happiness! I'm really looking forward to seeing these guys again. (8)
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