Sights And Sounds to tour with Landscapes

As previously mentioned, the Canadian Sights and Sounds will be commencing the first leg of their european fall tour with Trade Wind next week, followed by the second leg with Bossk. On the third and final part, they will be joined by British hardcore lads, Landscapes. Their first show together will be in Paris on October 17th.

Oct. 17: Espace B, Paris (FR)
Oct. 19: Daba Daba, Donostia (ES)
Oct. 20: Trash Can, Madrid (ES)
Oct. 21: TBA, Losbon (PT)
Oct. 22: Bafo de Baco, Loule (PT)
Oct. 24: La Trinchera, Malaga (ES)
Oct. 25: Rocksound, Barcelona (ES)
Oct. 28: Bocciodromo, Vicenza (I)
Oct. 29: PPC, Wien (AT)
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