Fan escapes security and invades Bring Me The Horizon's stage

We all know the feeling of watching our favorite bands, singing loudly and wanting to be as close to them as possible. A fan from Perth most certainly did last night, while Bring Me The Horizon was performing. Vocalist Oliver Sykes reportedly encouraged the kinds to come on stage despite the security guards. No wonder why said fan followed orders and ran on stage. Sykes welcomed them with a hug and while still holding them, he proceeded to share the microphone with them.

You can check the footage of the incident below, as re-posted by keyboard player, Jordan Fish:
Ένα βίντεο που δημοσίευσε ο χρήστης Jordan Fish (@jordanfish86) στις  

It was fortunate that the frontman was so open to this expression of love and that there weren't any injuries during the attempt. On that note, it is important to stress out that security is there for a reason: to facilitate the course of the show and to protect both the fans and the artists. Of course, there are some serious cases of power-tripping here and there but disrespecting the people whose job is literally to keep everyone safe, is not alright.
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