Live Coverage || Lionheart, Kin Corruption @ Death Disco (Athens), 25/7/2016

Lionheart has undoubtedly built a name for themselves when it comes to live shows. With the imminent breakup on its way, it was more than mandatory to catch them validate their assets.
Eden Demise were forced to cancel their performance so the show would only consist of one opening act. I had seen Kin Corruption a few months back, when they supported Expire. My opinion on them remains the same. Their music is tasteful but they're not my cup of tea. The crowd watching them (and Lionheart most likely) would disagree, as they seemed to have a good time during the set. (6)
Time for Lionheart to stand their ground. Despite some minor technical problems, the band was hyped all the time, as were the kids in the crowd. Rob Watson kept inviting everyone in the premises to party with them (the hour-long setlist was perfectly picked to contain both new and older hits) and keep circle pits moving. He also took the time to talk about his brother, before introducing "Brother's Keeper", and to about working hard and making dreams come true. The energy the whole time was mind-blowing. "LHHC" closed the setlist appropriately, making it hands down one of the best performances of the year so far. (9)

PS: Again, a small side note. It always seems odd to me when people watch a show through their phones. It kinda makes sense when you want to record you favorite track and capture the atmosphere of the show. That's one thing. However, for someone to secure a position ON STAGE and to hold a cell phone for the majority of the show in the faces of a band (when said person is obviously not a fan and wouldn't be there under any other circumstances) is plain rude and disrespectful towards both the band and the people around. You know, the fans who actually CAME to see the show, not a hand jerking back and forth, following a restless vocalist -not to mention being a constant obstacle to photographers.
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