Live Coverage || The Amity Affliction, Seasons A.C., Glance Of Medusa, Till I Drop Dead @AN Club (Athens), 13/06/2016

When I was first informed about this show, it was really hard to contain myself and not spread the word until the official announcement. It's already been 3 years since I last saw Amity. I remember sitting outside the venue in Berlin back in the day, talking with bassist Ahren Stringer about how much they'd love to play in Greece and telling him that they didn't have a fanbase at that point. Here we are now, a few years, a record and a single later, along with a little over 200 hyped kids waiting patiently for the show. 

First on stage was a band called Till I Drop Dead. Despite their limited stagetime, they had a decent presence and got the kids on the front pumped. The only downside to me was the the Of Mice & Men cover, especially regarding the vocal interpretation. (6)

Up next was Glance Of Medusa, a metalcore band. Quite frankly, I wasn't impressed from what I heard and was hardly able to appreciate it, as I felt I was forcibly thrown back to 2009. You know, the period when this specific genre of moderately unoriginal music was blooming and gaining popularity. For a brief heads up, there's a reason most of these bands disappeared shortly afterwards. (5)

The last of the local acts was Seasons A.C.. I was already familiar with the name and some of the band members but not the sound. I was pleasantly surprised to hear a melodic modern metalcore sound (which reminded me of Being As An Ocean at times) that fittingly prepared the ground for the headliners. (7)

It was around 11:30 when The Amity Affliction took the stage with their latest single, "I Bring The Weather With Me" followed by "Open Letter". I wasn't expecting the crowd, consisting mainly of teenagers, to know all the lyrics and to sing at the top of their lungs. Pushing my way to the front, I mingled with the kids who were gripping on the barrier for dear life, occasionally moshing bouncing and bumping on each other. The band, highly professional, seemed to be having a good time, with a reciprocate energy flowing in the venue. 
I must admit though, that I was quite disappointed by the setlist. It revolved around the latest release, as expected, but with only 3 older songs ("I Hate Heartley", "Open Letter" & "Chasing Ghosts") it almost completely disregarded the previous albums. After about 55' the band said their goodbyes and left the stage. (7)
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