Live Coverage || Hundredth, Bring Back Persephone, TripNote @ AN Club (08/05/2016)

A live show on a sunday is tricky. A live show downtown, on a day of political turbulence is trickier. Despite the low attendance, the kids were enthusiastic for this concert -quite rightly, if you ask me.
First on stage was TripNote. I kept hearing mixed things about their sound, but to be honest, I wouldn't say I found something unpleasant. Sonically, that is, because the stage presence was seriously lacking, as the members would often ovedo gimmicks and turn their backs to the crowd in order to appear on the camera set above the drumkit. (6)
I had seen Bring Back Persephone once before, a couple of years back with a different lineup. The band currently features the (ex-?) vocalist of Darkstar so I was admittedly curious, but what I witnessed was beyond disappointing. The songs were anything but memorable while the bass was considerably louder than the guitar. By the end of their set, I was hardly able to remember any of their material. (3)
Hundredth just finished the Impericon run (yours truly was reporting from Amsterdam) with a short set of around 25, which they had to double. From the very beginning, they engaged the audience, which had gathered to the front. Chadwick Johnson took the time to thank everyone who came out on such a weird day. The setlist consisted of both new and older songs, a few originating from the first album. This band has a really bright future, folks. The new album will confirm that even more. (8)
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