Emmure reveal new line-up

After the sold out Impericon Festival in Leipzig, Never Say Die Open Air, and about 10 days of blurry rehearsal pictures, Emmure has revealed on Facebook the touring line-up which now consists(?) of Glass Cloud and The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza members Josh Travis (guitar), Phil Lockett (bass) and Josh "Baby J" Miller (drums).
Vocalist Frankie Palmeri was left with the band name and no band in late 2015, when all the previous members quit and were rumored to start a new project. It was around the same time that CJ McMahon left Thy Art is Murder, leading the fans to speculate and secretly hope that the two bands would trade members. This allegation however was later dismissed by the band members themselves.
The writing team is ready to see Emmure in less than a week and report back to you.
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