Live Coverage || Comeback Kid 'Turn It Around' 10th Anniversary tour w/ Bactrack, Rise Of The Northstar, The Great Divide, Final Prayer @ Le Petit Bain, 23/04/2013

"Comeback Kid reunite with original vocalist Scott Wade for the 10th anniversary of 'Turn It Around' ", read all the blogs. Admit it, it was hard news to believe until the tour schedule appeared and the posters noted that the setlist would include songs off of 'Turn It Around' and 'Wake The Dead'. No time to waste here, this is an one chance opportunity.
Oddly enough, the weather all day was warm and sunny, so upon my arrival at Le Petit Bain I noticed most of the bands and show attendants enjoying it on the dock of the river. At around 7:30 I entered the venue under the first notes of Final Prayer. The band was loud in all ways. I missed their show in Athens in December so I made up. The vocalist tried to speak in french and invite the kids to mosh. Some of them did and after 30' the band would bid us farewell. Next, was The Great Divide. Quite melodic, at first they didn't get much of the crowd's attention even though some of the kids knew their lyrics and sung along. They had a really exceptional sound and performance so towards the end of their set they gained some more participation. Time had come for Rise Of The Northstar. Besides a couple of videos on Youtube, I didn't have any experience with their material and was very curious to see what they would deliver. Their heavy/thrashy/japanese hardcore had some more people involved, moshing and singing along. Not bad at all but they did tire me a bit so they lost me somewhere in the middle. When Backtrack with their famous "NY HxC" got the torch, they definitely made sure to spread a fire. They were a true revelation to me; energetic as hell, they carried an outstanding performance. I reckon it was the best possible way to warm up for CBK. The kids actually proved it, as the first genuine stagedives started. Their time was up and they left us begging for more. I will positively keep an eye on them in the future.
By the time the intro for CBK sounded, the venue was at capacity (also the first sold out show of the tour). First song for the evening was "All In A Year". No better start than cutting to the chase, if you ask me. Everyone went nuts. The band gave their 101% to the show. Even though it was the 'Turn It Around' anniversary, they played most songs off of 'Wake The Dead' as well -a pure delight to hear those distinctive basslines at full volume. Every note, every song, made the crowd wilder, screaming, jumping and crowdsurfing. Everything we waited to hear was there: "False Idols Fall", "Die Tonight", "Talk Is Cheap", "Lorelei", "Our Distance" (FUCK YEAH!), "Always", "Final Goodbye", "The Trouble I Love" (sounding even more sumptuous). The band jammed a couple of notes from the intro of "Wake The Dead" and the arena started jumping up and down. Of course it wasn't the time for the hymn to sound, so they took the opportunity to thank all the friends they made over the years, and dedicate the next song to their "Partners In Crime". When Scott announced that only 3 songs were left, he ignited a frenzied reaction. Judging by what was yet to be heard, 'twasn't hard to guess what would come along. On the final song, almost the whole venue was bouncing. Scott deliberately left the mic to the hands of the delirious kids who took over the stage. "WE SAID, WE SAID, WE SAID THIS TIME WAS GONNA BE DIFFERENT" and people are flying everywhere.
Scott Wade arguably made the best comeback (kid) of the year. I feel really blessed to witness this tour (with these bands) in a venue, as it was one of the most intense shows I've ever attended. My throat is still fucked up from the screaming/singing, I'm almost sick and aching but I'm filled with absolute contentment. And it was all worth it. 
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