Live Coverage || Bleeding Through farewell tour w/ This Or The Apocalypse, Hand Of Mercy @ Garage (Saarbrücken), 06/04/2013

What do you do when one of your favourite bands decides to call it quits (OK, we all saw that coming at some point) and you still haven't had the chance to see them playing? What if the tour doesn't come anywhere near your area (even though it would've passed from Paris, as I've heard)? You manage to make it to a concert. Where? In Germany, at the second show of the tour. I booked all tickets the day after the announcement was made and waited patiently for the day of the departure to come; a 15-hour train ride was ahead but you know what? I didn't care for my cause was sacred. Overall, despite the splendid outcome of the evening, I do feel somehow frustrated and incomplete. But I'll get to that.
After waiting for 1.5 hours at the wrong entrance (not alone, thankfully) I finally found my way into the venue. Smaller hall and crowd than I expected. Unfortunately, I had already lost most of Hand Of Mercy's set. Albeit their beatdown hardcore was appealing to some kids, it didn't really impress me so I grabbed a beer and waited for This Or The Apocalypse to set up.
Changing the live rig is a dirty job but someone's got to do it. The 5-piece hit the stage very ardently; metalcore in the vein of August Burns Red. Some people were actually singing along while the vocalist tried to gather the rest on the front of the stage and to start moshpits. In defiance of the lead guitar parts being sometimes buried under the rhythm section and the vocals towards the end being considerably lower, their act was tight and pretty noticeable.
At around 9:15 Bleeding Through got on stage. It was a delight to see Scott Danough back on guitar duties. From where I was standing, I had a clear view to Marta's setlist so I couldn't resist taking sneak peaks. Pretty much predictable song choices but, on the other hand, they were exactly what a farewell tour should include. Starting with “March” and “Faith In Fire”, they kept going back and forth to all their releases. “Anti Hero” was followed by “For Love And Failing. My head was burning up. As 'The Truth' is my all time favourite BT record, I was stoked that it wasn't overpassed and I finally got to hear “Kill To Believe” and “Tragedy Of Empty Streets”. The band was restless, barely stopping for breaks. Even though there weren't many people participating, those who did were breathing and living for the moment. “On Wings Of Lead” was supposed to end the performance but the band decided to reward us with one more song. Guitar problems and lack of rehearsal didn't stop them from kidding that, if they screwed up, the blame would be on us, that they would disband at once on that very stage, and that Brandan would smash the guitar on Scott's head. Luckily for all of us, none of these occured and “Savior, Saint, Salvation” closed the performance. After an hour of intense playing, they left the stage but remained around to take pictures and catch up with the fans.

And a personal comment on the crowd. So far, whenever I thought of a lazy and unmotivated crowd, it was the french one that popped in my mind. However I will likely reconsider, as none of the bands had the audience and support they actually deserved. It might have been a coincidence, but, with the exception of a dozen, most attendants remained apathetic during the whole show. The worst part is that they stayed that way even when one of the performing artists practically jumped in the crowd to incite a pit and asked for people to approach the stage in order to catch those crowdsurfing. It's your right not to like the opening acts but for the headliners, at least, there's no excuse. Especially when you're not seeing them again and -in theory- you want to leave the premises with the memory of a truly good show.
Elnr over and out.
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