Jera On Air reveals Friday headliner & more bands

On a perfect timing, and shortly after we caught Architects, Beartooth and Polaris, Jera On Air has announced that the British heavyweights will destroy Ysselsteyn with a headliner set in June. Furthermore, it was confirmed that not only will their companions on the Holy Hell tour join the ranks of the festival, but also that the likes of No Turning Back, Municipal Waste, Death By Stereo, This Means War!, Darko, insanity Alert, Employed To Serve, Not On Tour, Candy, Searching For Relief, Chaser and Smoke Or Fire will keep fans off their feet.
The battle of the summer festivals continues.

As previously mentioned, Jera On Air takes place on June 27-29 in Ysselsteyn, The Netherlands.
For tickets and info, visit
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